Know Your Position Knowledge is power. But, for many businesses, obtaining the right ‘knowledge’ – whether from inside or outside of their organisation – is difficult, time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Through intelligent, innovative use of technology, Team Technology helps businesses get the knowledge and information they need, when they need it.

CELOSIA Portal Technology

Built for executives or managers, CELOSIA provides quick, accessible answers to the question: “What is your position on all of your current projects?”

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Focus Project Manager

Estimating software that coordinates complex, multi-stage projects while creating an inventory of items that can be used in other projects. Customised MS Excel and PDF reports, and data that exports to Primavera P6.

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Remote Data Collection System

Easy-to-use tools for collecting information from a large number of targeted individuals; for monitoring the data-collection process; and for structuring this information as required.

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Job Management Software

Allowing managers to better monitor the work units, initiatives and processes that they oversee.

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Software Development

Software solutions that are innovative yet dependable, and that work for businesses’ unique needs as well as those of their stakeholders.

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